Corporate Sales Team Profiles

Meet our Sales Team across Australia, who share their professional insight to their position with the Mantra Group, views on the travel industry and their personality too!

Lucy Rawcliffe National Account Manager - Corporate NSW

What I love most about my job is? Most definitely the people that I work with - Mantra Group colleagues, corporate clients and industry friends.

My favourite Mantra Group hotel is? Mantra Southbank in Melbourne due to its great suitability to both corporate and leisure travellers. It's contemporary design suits the corporate traveller yet the indoor pool, great views and balconies are ideally suited to families and guests travelling for holidays.

My first job in the travel industry was?
Cabin Crew in the UK. I was Voted Flight Attendant of the Year in 2002!

The funniest/weirdest hotel moment I've seen or experienced was when?    I was Cabin Crew and flying out of Germany for a few months, staying in a hotel. My first eye opening German hotel sauna and pool experience taught me that when travelling to Germany, you really dont need to pack your swimmers!

My favourite movie is? A tie between 500 Days of Summer, Crash,Crazy Stupid  Love and the Notebook - Im movie mad!

My greatest achievement in life so far is? Following my travelling dream overseas and seeing where it has taken me, both personally and professionally.

My idol is? Richard Branson - this man astounds me with every move that he makes!

A challenge I see in the hotel industry is? Ensuring that everyone in the industry becomes culturally up to speed with travellers from the emerging markets.

If I didn't work in the travel industry I would want to be a? Professional Surfer, travelling the world with the best surfer in the business - Kelly Slater.

Top 3 things that matter to me when travelling on business are? Everyone that knows me, knows that I have to be at an airport hours and hours before the plane departs therefore ontime flight departure is important to me . A clean, contemporary and spacious room with more than just four walls. Excellent customer service with vibrant enthusiastic people is what can make travelling on business more enjoyable.

My favourite place I've ever travelled to? Cuba because I have wonderful memories of friendly, beautiful Cuban people living in such a breathtaking country,with very little yet still boasting the biggest smiles and love for life that I have ever seen.

When managing accounts, it is important to? Listen to your client. Learn what is important to them. Deliver on promises that you make. Develop relationships based on trust.

If I could decide the destination for the next Mantra Group hotel I would choose a Peppers/Mantra/BreakFree in? For purely selfish reasons it would be a Peppers property in Coral Bay, WA. For Corporate clients It would need to be in Perth.

On my days off, I enjoy? Running along the coast, trying and failing to surf, eating good food followed by a good movie and hanging out with all the amazing people in my life.

My favourite App is? The app I am yet to invent that will make me my millions...

My best business travel tip for you is? Book your accommodation when you book your flights, as you will have a higher chance of staying at a hotel of your choice. If you leave it too late, the hotel may fill and could leave you staying anywhere with availability.

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