New South Wales

The first and most populous state, NSW can cater for every tourist desire, from sublime coastline and snowcapped peaks to its rugged desert interior. NSW is as well known for its man-made attractions, like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge of its capital, Sydney, as its waterways and mountain ranges. Enthralling enough to absorb weeks at a time, entire regions are devoted to wine and cuisine, culture and the arts, heritage trails and the founding of our nation.

Sprawling for miles up and down the coast, the area's many beaches make perfect holidaying territory in Coffs Harbour with surfing, fishing and beachside picnics and barbeques amongst favourite pastimes of visitors and locals alike.

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Located 90 minutes south of Sydney, Southern Highlands encompasses country living at its finest, radiating a sense of togetherness and locality. The Southern Highlands is a region that boasts an abundance of heritage buildings, historic landmarks and natural wonders. Marked as one of New South Wales’ wine hubs, Southern Highlands is surrounded by acres of planted vines and ample greenery.

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Southern Highlands Regions

Vibrant, dynamic, exciting and accessible, the city of Sydney is a joy to explore. Diverse localities, rich history and famous attractions set Sydney apart as one of the world's must-visit destinations, renowned for its fabulous harbour and foreshore parklands with everything that an exciting cosmopolitan city has to offer.

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Blessed with the best of Queensland and northern New South Wales, the Tweed Coast is marked by colourful coastal towns, including Coolangatta and Kingscliff, along with a rich and fertile valley landscape that rolls down from purple tinged mountains right into the waters of the azure Pacific Ocean.

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Tweed Coast Regions

Just a step away from Sydney, the Central Coast boasts an endless array of water activities (including boating, fishing, surfing, scuba diving and water skiing) and the regions National Parks and State Forests are a haven for bushwalkers, campers and 4wds alike.

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There are plenty of good reasons to head to Country NSW – amazing food, fine wine and local produce, stunning national parks and townships steeped in history. Some of the most stunning national parks in the State are in Country NSW.

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If you're feeling like a breath of fresh air or a short break to recharge your batteries, the beautiful South Coast of NSW beckons with some spectacular scenery and adventure experiences. Crystal-clear bays and lakes, uncrowded beaches and beautiful rivers are perfect year-round for fishing, diving, canoeing and boating while the pristine bushland is enjoyed by bush walkers, bird-lovers and cycling enthusiasts.

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