New Zealand

Internationally beloved by artists, film makers and tourists, New Zealand is the land of rugged, snow-peaked mountains, cool forests that date back to prehistoric times, unique wildlife and multi-faceted, cosmopolitan cities that make it a culturally rich experience. A great destination for adventure tourism, with its many outdoor activities, New Zealand is also great place to unwind. Perfect for a driving holiday, New Zealand's diverse physical, cultural, and artistic attractions are just a winding road away.

When you visit New Zealand’s South Island it's easy to see why it was the perfect place to film the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies. The scenery almost has to be seen to be believed – from awe-inspiring, snow capped mountains, turquoise blue lakes and magnificent fjords, the South Island has it all.

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South Island Regions

Spectacular lakes, island sanctuaries and world-class vineyards are just some of the reasons you’ll love New Zealand’s North Island.  The nation’s sophisticated capital of Wellington, the North Island is jam-packed full of adventure destinations, relaxation locations and entertainment options.

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North Island Regions