Seven Kinds of Wonderful

It's not about the belongings we have, or the number of photos we've taken. It's about those days filled with laughter, those little, unforgettable moments that leave a mark on our hearts. Letting you dance a little slower, dream a little bigger, and love a little harder. Somewhere amidst the blue waters and driftwood walkways is our kind of wonderful, enough to make you fall in love with holidays all over again.

First light Peppers Soul, Surfers Paradise

The soft morning sun glints off the water, as the salty sea air wakes you, another day is yours for the taking.

Daylight breaks as the morning sun begins to hug the eastern coastline; uninterrupted ocean views let you truly embrace the first light. Watch the sun glistening across the three-tiered pool, while beyond lies the glassy ocean water, gradually becoming dotted with surfers and photographers capturing the morning light.

Gondwana meets the reef Peppers Beach Club & Spa, Palm Cove

Colourful fish surround you as they dance to an aquatic ballet of loop the loop.

The only place in the world where two-world heritage listed sites meet; as the land on which dinosaurs once roamed brings the sound of gurgling waterfalls, ancient ferns and soft scurrying between trees, while turquoise waters let you encounter abundant sea life and coral gardens. The largest living organism on earth meets the turquoise waters, just like a real life Finding Nemo movie.

Exquisite dining Mantra on Russell, Melbourne

Bring the fussy eater along to the buffet breakfast, and this time there'll be no tantrums over what to eat. Memories of fresh croissants at your grandparents' home come flooding back, as the scent fills the kitchen. With its cosy furnishings, say good morning to your home away from home, with fluffy pancakes dusted with powdered sugar and sticky maple syrup, to be washed down with strong espresso as the morning sun peaks through the windows over Melbourne's CBD.

First touch of snow Peppers Bluewater, New Zealand

Snow capped peaks and serene lakes; age doesn't compromise the joy brought from the first time seeing snow.

The touch of a snowflake as it lightly lands on your fingertips for the first time is remarkable - unique and symmetrical with one of a kind detail. Watch as slowly in time they begin to blanket the ground in white. Snow angels abound as you look upon the family and realise you've just given your kids a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Beachfront dining Breakfree Aanuka Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour

The sound of echoing waves rolling in and out, and just for a moment, the whole family is as one while time seems to stop. Put technology to the side, and this time lose yourself in conversation instead of your phone. Lounge across a deckchair, as the lowering sun throws purple and pink hues across the coastline. Dad with a cold drink in hand, whilst the kids discuss in detail what pizza toppings they want; the simple pleasures in life are truly the most memorable.

Fascination of fireworks Mantra on Quay, Brisbane

Sparklers and celebrations as you watch the sky light up with fireworks, the look of awe on the kids face is what pure moments are made of.

Set yourself away from the crowds, in the privacy of your own room as fireworks fill every inch of night sky with fountains of colour… No need to crane your neck to look up, with Mantra on Quay facing at eye level.

Private villa for the whole family Peppers Seminyak, Bali

Tropical gardens and splashes of vibrant colour; here, life unfurls at a slower pace.

A family holiday will never be the same again. The rest of the world melts away, as you step inside the walls of your villa. Float your days away in the crystal clear, turquoise waters of your own private pool. Stay there for long enough and watch the clouds eclipse the sun, as the soft scent of frangipani trees surrounds you. Games nights, home cooked meals and the private plunge pool will remind you to enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realise that they were the big things.

This is our kind of wonderful...