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An investment in success
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An investment in success

Dear Apartment Owners,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first quarter with AccorHotels. In June we joined together with Mantra Group to become the leading hotel group and serviced apartment network in the Pacific Region.

I have been warmly welcomed to the Gold Coast office where the commercial direction of the Mantra business will continue to be steered. We’ve given ourselves 100 days to learn about the strengths of our respective businesses and to finalise the plan to bring the two networks together. I can assure owners that clear, strategic plans remain in place for the remainder of 2018 and we are focused on continuing to achieve great outcomes. We have a play to win mind-set in developing this business, and our guests also love our story of Accor and Mantra coming together, with our guest feedback scores staying remarkably strong.

At AccorHotels everything we do is from the heart – we put our people and our stakeholders at the centre of everything we do. I am proud of our teams who, throughout the merger transitional period, have remained resolutely focused on bringing our best talents and warmly embracing our ‘feel welcome’ philosophy in their care of our guests. Soon we will be rolling out our ‘Heartist’ training in ‘The Heart and Art of the Human Connection’ - by leading with our heart and genuinely connecting with each guest, we will be provided with opportunities to create intimate and memorable guest experiences.

Outside of AccorHotels we have had a lot of feedback from within the industry and there is a great deal of respect in the way people are seeing us come together and recognition of the opportunities that this will bring to our people, our unit owners and our guests.

Together our shared values, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit will create an exciting future for us all!

Kind regards

Simon McGrath

Chief Operating Officer - Pacific