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Apartment Owner Management Options

Accor Apartment & Realty embraces stakeholder alignment as a core value. We understand the importance of maximising your returns and managing your asset with utmost care. Our vision is to position Accor Apartments & Realty as the operator of choice for apartment owners by developing and maintaining fruitful relationships based on trust and credibility.

Short Term Letting

This form of letting is the most popular way of renting your investment unit. The concept of holiday letting is to offer a resort experience to holidaying guests, with the convenience of a fully self-contained serviced apartment. Under this letting model, your monthly income is not fixed and will fluctuate throughout market seasons. The owner receives all income after the deduction of general fees and expenses. This is the most flexible way of renting your investment unit and allows maximum owner use to enjoy family holidays.

Split Letting

This is a combination of Permanent Letting and Holiday Letting. Split Letting has proven to be a great option for many investors as it offers an attractive return on your investment property throughout the high season, consistent monthly returns throughout the winter months and the added benefit of having access to enjoy your apartment between tenancies.

Fixed Returns

This agreement style provides a fixed income payable to the owner on a monthly basis for the term of the agreement, no matter what income the manager might earn from subletting your property. Under a fixed return agreement you will receive regular monthly income from a tenant that is a financially strong company with significant assets and cash flow. The tenant is part of Accor Apartment & Realty, one of the leading marketers and managers of hotels, resorts and retreats in Australia and New Zealand.

Permanent Property Management

Accor Apartments & Realty leads the way in Australian hotel and resort operations and now offers a premium ‘Residences’ product throughout Art Series, Peppers, Mantra and BreakFree properties, for long stay guests seeking inner city apartment living. Long stay guests enjoy capitalising on the hotel-styled services offered at properties managed by Accor Apartment & Realty whilst owners benefit from the security of fixed returns. Therefore, adapting to market trends and the needs of our unit owners, Accor Apartment & Realty employs a centralised permanent property management team. This team is dedicated to ensuring legislative requirements are met and that each owner’s physical asset is highly maintained. For more information on the services provided by the Residences team click here.