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Mantra Hotels Events’ top tips on how to Play (and behave) in all the Reindeer Games!

As we roll into the final week of November, the count-down to Christmas begins, and with the season to be jolly comes only one thought… party time! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time where tinsel is decked around office desks, ugly Christmas sweater contests bring out the most competitive, Secret Santa gifts are exchanged and the time-honoured tradition of the work Christmas party is just around the corner, ready to bring out the best and worst of the office gang.

When this fateful time comes to “let loose” or celebrate a productive year of work will your colleagues,  one must pay respective to a certain set of “party etiquette” tips to help conquer your upcoming work Christmas party function.

Every year the reputations of millions of Aussie workers are at stake, as Christmas functions can either make or break their work year ahead. It all comes down to the simple mantra "behave right and you'll have a great night". In this blog post we focus on the do’s and don’ts when attending your work Christmas party. So, follow us as we share our simple etiquette tips for the best way to behave or how not to behave at your upcoming Christmas work event.

1. Arrive on time

The Olsen, Melbourne VIC

This is a private office party, not a discotheque. So turning up 'fashionably late' is not an option and could have you missing out on all the fun.

2. Mingle

Be sure to acknowledge all your co-workers, and especially your superiors and their associates as this will put you in good stead; the Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to cement relationships and to get known in a good way.

3. Drink responsibly

3.	Drink responsibly.

By nature, company Christmas parties are supposed to be fun and are almost the only time of year when everyone at the office gathers in one venue not to work, but to relax, have a good time and let (relatively) loose, just for one night. Don't forget where you are - technically you’re still at work because you're with the work crowd, so treat the party as an extension to your work day.

4. Leave your briefcase at the door.

Whilst we’ve said the work Christmas party is technically a business event, it’s not the time to assess your team’s latest proposal. You are all there for the same reason – to relax and let your hair down for one day. 

5. Network

3.	Drink responsibly.

The work Christmas party is a great opportunity to converse with people in other areas of the company that you usually wouldn’t have a chance to.

Still searching for your end of year celebration venue? Take the stress out of organising your work Christmas function, and let Mantra Hotels Events do the work for you.

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